Professional Wargaming

Are you a wargaming practitioner? Let's talk!

The International Kriegsspiel Society is building a growing network in the field of professional educational and analytical wargaming. We are eager to exchange perspectives, experiences and knowledge.

If you are interested in Kriegsspiel, we’d be happy to run dedicated scenarios for your professional, academic, or enthusiast organization, taking purpose, requirements, and form into account. We  can host live online games for a large amount of players, provide detailed introductions, briefings, maps and game materials. In-person games are a possibility as well, depending on the location and travel necessities. 

Let’s have a chat about the prerequisites and expectations and see how we can learn from each other.

Please indicate that you are a wargaming practitioner when joining our Discord server to get access to the professional channels on our Discord server. Or just write an informal introduction and request to Jan Heineman (@Let’s Play History), who’s our administrator for professional wargaming activities.

Games we have run at conventions and conferences in the past

  • Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention 2021, June 2021
  • Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention 2022, January 2022
  • Connections Online 2022, April 2022
  • Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention 2023, January 2023
  • Connections Online 2023, April 2023
  • Connections Online 2024, April 2024 (upcoming)

Jan Heinemann
Professional Wargaming Admin (English und Deutsch)

The IKS in professional wargaming

Join our Discord server and become part of a growing community of over 2,000 members from all around the globe.

Get in touch either on Discord or via e-mail, leave us some feedback or suggestions or ask us anything about Kriegsspiel.

The IKS is commited to ensure inclusiveness and diversity within the community and stands against discrimination and harassment.

We endorse the Derby House Principles.

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