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A welcoming and inclusive community

The International Kriegsspiel Society is the world’s largest, online association dedicated to Kriegsspiel. It unites over 1,800 members from all over the world in the passion of studying, discussing and playing Kriegsspiel.

The International Kriegsspiel Society is an open, welcoming, inclusive and diverse community. Wargaming and especially Kriegsspiel as we understand it, focus on people, diversity of thought and perspectives, on learning from others, and reflecting about preconceptions and established concepts of thought.

The International Kriegsspiel Society endorses the Derby House Principles for inclusion and diversity in professional wargaming.

The International Kriegsspiel Society is open to everyone interested in the game, no matter the experience level or background. Kriegsspiel is easy to play, hard to master, as players don’t need to know any rules!

Our mission is to preserve Kriegsspiel, to make it accessible to enthusiasts, hobbyists and practitioners, to provide extensive resources to study and play Kriegsspiel, and to contribute to the development of new Kriegsspiel systems.

In order to reach these goals, we encourage every person interested to learn more about and play Kriegsspiel to join the community, no matter their experience level, social, educational, national or religious background, age, or gender. Although we keep being positively surprised by the communication culture of our community, our moderation policy is dedicated to firmly ensure that this remains to be the case. We pledge to keep the IKS a space where you can be you, without the toxicity or inappropriate attention.

If you ever feel uncomfortable because of other member’s comments, if you are contacted in an unappropriate manner, or there is any other concern, please contact the IKS staff of admins and moderators or write an e-mail to our staff. Your concerns will be handled confidentially.

Derby House Principles

We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do. 

Diversity and inclusion are more than just words for us. They are the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we will build our teams, cultivate leaders and create a community that supports everyone in it. No one should ever feel excluded or less welcome because of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, or background. Experience and social science have shown that diversity can generate better results, in analysis, insight, and professional decision-making.

As professional gamers we are committed to the Derby House Principles:

  1. Promoting inclusion and diversity in professional wargaming, through the standards we set, the opportunities we offer, and access to activities we organise.
  2. Making clear our opposition to sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination across the board, as well as in wargaming.
  3. Encouraging a greater role and higher profile for colleagues from underrepresented groups in our professional activities.
  4. Seeking out and listening to the concerns and suggestions of our colleagues as to how our commitment to diversity and inclusion could be enhanced.
  5. Demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion through ongoing assessment of progress made and discussion of future steps.

Code of Conduct

By entering the IKS Discord server or using this website or any of our online presences to interact with the community, you agree to this Code of Conduct. Violating the Code of Conduct will be punished by time-out, kick, or ban from the respective server or ability to interact.

RULE I – By entering this server or interacting with our online presences, you acknowledge the goals of the IKS and our Code of Conduct. Treat all members of the community with respect, regardless of their skill level, background, or opinions. Avoid language or behavior that could be considered discriminatory, abusive, or disrespectful. You may be removed from the server at any time by the moderation or administration team if your posting is deemed to be disruptive.

RULE II – This society is intended to be welcoming to all, however there are certain groups whose values and opinions do not align with this goal, or our vision for the society, and thus are not entitled to this space. Anyone supporting, defending, or promoting racism, fascism, Nazis, alt-right, antifeminism, homophobia, transphobia, or conspiracy theories of these or other hate groups are not tolerated. Additionally, the degradation or othering of marginalized groups who are already subject to systemic violence and oppression is unwelcome. The posting of symbols associated with hate groups and representative of their ideological beliefs is not permitted. These symbols include, but are not limited to, the Nazi Swastika, SS runes and other related symbolism. Posting these materials in text, sound or imagery will result in administrative action ranging from the deletion of your post to an immediate ban. If you wish to post historical imagery, edit or black-out the symbols first. We do not allow these symbols to be used in our games. A zero-tolerance-policy is applied, unless they are appropriately used in an anti-fascist professional (educational) context.

RULE III – You are responsible for your words, both typed and spoken, regardless of any excuse. Kindness and respect are mandatory here, even in the midst of disagreements. If you cannot disagree or engage politely, then you are asked to refrain. On occasion, sensitive topics may be raised. Such conversation is generally discouraged. However, should such a conversation develop, please consider carefully before you post or speak as to how your words may be interpreted or read by others. In addition, you are not allowed to send unwanted, unwarranted, or unsolicited messages to other members, either on these forums or in private chat. This includes advertising, political campaigning, promotions and proselytizing. In particular, we will fiercely protect members of marginalized groups in this organization from all forms of harassment, and unwanted, inappropiate commentary. This includes, but is not limited to, women, children (persons under 18), LGBTQ+ minorities, ethnic minorities, religious affiliations, political affiliations, disabilities, or unique personal traits. The use of sexist language targeting another person is not allowed. Doxxing of members is not allowed. Stalking is not allowed. Do not send requests on social media or other mediums unless these are welcomed by the individual. While one may ask to communicate or connect, the answer must be respected. If asked to stop a certain behavior or form of communication that could conflict with these rules, you are expected to stop. Failure to stop may result in a permanent ban as opposed to a temporary one.

RULE IV – This server should be kept family friendly, you are not permitted to post obscene content. Excessive use of foul language is discouraged. Images or videos of real extreme violence, current wars and armed conflicts, gore or pornography or links to such footage are prohibited.

RULE V – Members are subject to administrators and moderators giving official directions and have to comply with directives. Do not block admins or moderators. If you believe a moderator or administrator acted incorrectly, please send an (anonymous) inquiry via the feedback form on the website. https://kriegsspiel.org/contact/

RULE VI – Keep discussions focused on Kriegsspiel and other wargames in the primary channels, ⁠dignified-discussions can be used to discuss off topic issues, so long as the other rules are being followed.

RULE VII – Please report serious misbehavior to the moderators and administrators. This is rare but we appreciate your help! You can contact the mod team directly via the server, private message or using https://kriegsspiel.org/contact/.

RULE VIII – Upon observing a violation of any of these rules, our admins and mods may take immediate action, which may result in a time-out, kick, or temporary or permanent ban from the server. In case you are subject to a penalty, a member of the admin team will contact you as soon as a decision is reached to cite the specific rule that was violated, the length of your ban, and if and when you may rejoin the community. Your infraction will be recorded in a permanent disciplinary log. Persons with infractions less than two years old will be ineligible to join the admin team. Admins and moderators are equally subject to these rules. Please note that bans apply to ALL IKS-affiliated Discord servers and events, and will be applied universally. Note that any illegal behavior will be reported to Discord, and may be reported to law enforcement. While all persons are welcome in this community, without regard for their race, creed, religion, orientation, or any other discriminating factors, continued membership depends entirely on their subsequent conduct.

Join our Discord server and become part of a growing community of over 2,000 members from all around the globe.

Get in touch either on Discord or via e-mail, leave us some feedback or suggestions or ask us anything about Kriegsspiel.

The IKS is commited to ensure inclusiveness and diversity within the community and stands against discrimination and harassment.

We endorse the Derby House Principles.

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