Screenshot of Jan's article for the Kommandeur. The headline says "Plaing like a Prussian" and a lithography from the 19th century shows a bunch of officers playing Kriegsspiel.

Kriegsspiel on AHIKS Kommandeur 58, Nr. 7, 2023

The oldes and largest board wargaming society, Avalon Hill International Kriegsspiel Society, invited us to write an introduction to Kriegsspiel and the IKS for their magazine, the Kommandeur. The AHIKS is a classic board wargaming society. They provide player matching, organize virtual play, tournaments and a counter replacement service, and provide an online community to connect with players from around the globe. What we do with Kriegsspiel, they do with board wargames.

A screenshot of the AHIKS website.

Check out their website and join the AHIKS on

Kriegsspiel on the Kommandeur

As the Kommandeur is publically available, you can read it, too! The Article “Playing like a Prussian” can be found on pages 14-16 in the file-reader below. Further volumes of the Kommandeur are available on the AHIKS website.

Many thanks to George Phillies, the AHIKS staff and the Kommandeur’s editor for inviting us!

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