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There is a problem and it needs to be solved. By you! Tackle unique tactical and strategic challenges as a player would in a game of Kriegsspiel. We invite you to share your analysis, ideas and thoughts on these, and who knows, maybe your decision will impact the battle – for the better or even the worse.

The IKS Kriegsspiel Problems are designed like training tools for officers in the classical manner of “Tactical Problems” published by Moltke, “Mastering tactics” by the US Marine Corps Gazette and other similar formats. Presenting a tactical or strategic problem, their readers were meant to develop a feasible approach, discuss their solutions with each other and refer to the author’s explanation of what might have happened most likely in an actual combat situation.

The International Kriegsspiel Society is continuing the tradition by offering Kriegsspiel Problems to be solved by the reader. Read the briefing carefully, consider the options and lay out your plan. Submit it in the comment section below this post or over on the IKS Discord server, where a special section is dedicated to discuss possible solutions to the challenges presented.

Kriegsspiel Problems – read and discuss

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