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Interactive Kriegsspiel videos

Would you ever have expected to play an Interactive Kriegsspiel on YouTube, simply by watching a video and make a decision at the end? Now you can!

Choose your own Kriegsspiel – how does that work?

Interactive Kriegsspiel is one way you can experience the fun of Kriegsspiel without having to sit through a game. Just like the real thing, you do not need to know any rules, the umpire handles everything for you. In this version, we use YouTube to create a sort of “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach.

It’s designed to introduce you to the game and the basic concepts of Kriegsspiel in a way that is convenient for anyone, anywhere. The way to play is to choose which scenario you want to play on YouTube. You begin by watching the introduction video which provides you with a briefing. Next, you will face your first decision.

Generally, you will only make two or three decisions during the scenario, but they will be important ones. The way to decide is to make a choice between two branching videos offered to you at the end of the video you are watching. By making a choice, you lock in your decision, and get to see the results right away.

At the end of the scenario, the outcome is explained, and you may be given a short critique so you understand what happened overall and the impact of your decisions. The IKS is producing these videos to make Kriegsspiel as accessible as possible for anyone with a casual interest in the game.

It is our hope that once you play one or two of these you will be excited to join the group and get into some real games. Just like the YouTube, you don’t need to know the rules, the umpires handle that for you. Your job is to focus on tactics and communicating with your fellow generals.

We believe Kriegsspiel offers one of the greatest wargaming experiences you can enjoy. Please, enjoy one of the games on YouTube, and then consider joining our Discord for even more fun. It’s all free, you don’t have to learn any rules, you just have to give orders and enjoy the experience.

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