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Dispatches #1

Dear reader,

A new issue of our periodical Dispatches blogzine is here. We have gathered all new posts around to provide you an overview of what is going on in the International Kriegsspiel Society. We hope you enjoy reading them and keep playing Kriegsspiel!

This week's Kriegsspiel problem

General, there is a challenge and we need you to overcome it! Get out of your armchair and give us your thoughts on how to solve this problem.

Game announcements

Upcoming games. Come join us play in tense live games or massive play-by-post campaigns.

Everything new

New member portraits, thoughts on kriegsspiel and scenario design, resources and news from the IKS.

Latest After Action Reports

Some awesome insights into player perspective recaps or narrative reports on some of our Kriegsspiel games.

New videos to watch

Recent live streams of our games and other videos on Kriegsspiel.

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Get in touch either on Discord or via e-mail, leave us some feedback or suggestions or ask us anything about Kriegsspiel.

The IKS is commited to ensure inclusiveness and diversity within the community and stands against discrimination and harassment.

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